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I remember as a kid when my mom would get the Sears Catalog and my sister and I would study it for hours on end looking at all the toys and clothes and decor, circling all the things on our wish lists. It was so fun to read the descriptions on each item and dream of all the ways we could accessorize Malibu Barbie.  As I grew older, I moved on to develop an interest in music and as I collected Compact Discs of my favorite bands, I would read the album inserts cover to cover from the lyrics to the thank you’s and bio’s about the artists. I LOVED when there was something quirky or funny included in a bio.  I know I’m a dork. I’m okay with that!

These days, Pinterest is kind of my new Sears Catalog. I pin all the things in hopes of one day crafting all those things I’ve pinned to my “Feeling Crafty” board or having my home one day resemble that rustic ranch house I have pictured in my mind. It’s getting so close, y’all! Stay tuned, I’ll share more about the remodel as soon as I can.


I love the ease that technology gives us to allow us to browse anything at anytime and even have it on our door step in hours. But there is something about that waiting, the planning, the antithesis of instant gratification that was so much a part of my childhood. I still love getting a paper catalog in hand and reading about the products and making a plan.

I occasionally have someone request a catalog from NYR Organic. They are one of my favorite things to share with people because not only do you get a beautifully organized collection of products and descriptions, but you also get little insights into where we source our products from and how our FairTrade efforts are impacting women around the world.

These days, instead of reading the album inserts of my favorite artists, I find myself browsing my product catalog and following the charts for how to apply facial oil for the most benefit and I read every line about how to find the right product for your skin type.


What is your go-to? When you want to unwind and window shop, where do you find yourself turning? I’d love to hear from you! And if you’re curious and would like to browse through one of my catalogs, I’d love to send you one! And if you ask nicely, I’ll even throw in a sample or two.  If online browsing is your thing, you can take a look at the most recent one here on my website.

And I seriously want to know how many others read all the album inserts. I can’t be the only one.