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Favorites for Baby

Yesterday I shared my favorite things for pregnancy. Today, let’s talk about what you need for that first year. Every store with a registry will offer a list of “must haves”. Many seem like great ideas, but when it gets down to it, you really don’t need much. After 5 kids, I can tell you, less is more.

  1. Burp Cloths: These are an absolute MUST HAVE. Please keep in mind that the time you will need one most, is the time you don’t have one. There are lots of custom ones and cutesy prints, but I loved the absorbency of the good ol’ fashioned cloth diapers. Wash them up with some Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent and you’re all good to go!31m-fN1UJQL.jpg
  2. Onesies: Now I’m sure I won’t win many points with the fashion police here, but with the frequency of blowouts & spit up that happen throughout the day, simple onesies are the best. With the lap-shoulder neckline, you can make emergency wardrobe changes without having to figure out how to get the poop covered outfit over the baby’s head. Trust me. GAME CHANGER! You can doll it up with some fun appliqués or a little skirt, but seriously, who want’s to take off layer after layer multiple times a day?
  3. A GOOD Diaper Bag: Now here me out here. You can spend money on several mediocre bags that will fall apart after a couple of months of use, or you can invest once in a really high quality bag that will last YEARS. When we had our 3rd baby, my husband bought me my dream bag, it was a brown and turquoise Petunia Pickle Bottom bag. It was roomy enough to hold all the things I needed (change of clothes for mom & baby, wipes, dipes, burp cloths, etc.) and could be carried over-the-shoulder or as a backpack. It was so well constructed that I was able to carry it for Hawk’s first 2 years and then when I had my 4th, it lasted his first 2 years until I no longer needed a diaper bag. We sold it after those 4 years of use and I’m sure that mama got lots of good use out of it as well. We were surprised with a 5th blessing and we went with another Petunia Pickle Bottom. It still has lots of life in it. We don’t plan on having any more kids, but it’s still very useful for trips with a toddler, even after 3 years. 51Xt6U+-AuL.jpg
  4. Baby Carrier: I didn’t learn about this little gem until baby 3, but OH MY WORD! It was a life saver! I had a 5 year old, a 2 1/2 yr old and a newborn. I was outnumbered! My dear friend Alissa introduced me to the Wrapsody Wrap and gave me a lesson on how to wear it. It was amazing! And durability? That same wrap was used for babies 3, 4, & 5 and in between uses for wearing the baby, it works pretty well as a hammock for the toddler under the kitchen table! You can cook, clean, chase a toddler and put the baby down for a nap all at the same time!FullSizeRender 2
  5. Medela Breast pump: I was blessed to be able to nurse my babies for a combined total of 7 years. Now, I don’t have any recommendations on what formula or bottles are best because we really didn’t use them very often. I’m not here to start some mommy-war about what the best way to feed your baby is, but I will say that this pump was great when I needed to have a stash for an occasional sitter or when I needed to be away from the baby for various reasons. Again, I believe you get what you pay for and while ours was a gift from a friend, it lasted thru ALL 5 babies. I have heard that some insurance plans will cover the cost of a pump. But even if they didn’t cover it, the cost of a pump vs. the price of formula over time makes the pump a pretty great deal. Breastfeeding isn’t easy, but considering all the benefits, I determined when I had my first to give it all I could. I read all the books I could and even though the first 2 weeks made me want to almost give up, I persevered and kept at it.


6. Baby Wash/Lotion: Every mom wants to have a baby that smells amazing. There’s nothing better than sweet baby’s breath. We all look for the iconic lotions like Baby Magic and Johnson’s Baby Wash that our moms used for us. But many people don’t realize that our skin, and especially our baby’s skin absorb the products we put on them in seconds and they make their way into the bloodstream. In fact Johnson & Johnson admitted to using small amounts of Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, in their products. You may be surprised to know that babies don’t need to be bathed everyday. In fact, until they are crawling around and eating messy foods, 3 times a week is plenty!

Congratulations on the new little one coming to your life! I hope these resources help you as much as they did me! May you enjoy the adventure of parenting and be blessed along the way! I don’t promise to have all the answers, but I am happy to share what has worked for us along the way. Thanks for reading!

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