Anyone else have certain favorite things that just resonate with who you are? Routines that are so common you don’t even have to think about them? I’m sure we all find things that we are more drawn to than others.  Things that when others see them, remind them of us. I wear silver hoop earrings. Not because I don’t have 50 other styles of earrings, but because I can put them on, look like I made some effort to look nice and not have to think too much. I like classic and simple but also nice splashes of bold color.

I’m learning to switch things up a little. Routines can be wonderful, but when we don’t add a little spice every now and then, we can get in a rut and become less productive than we’d like. Needs change, especially for my skin as the seasons change. My dry winter skin that once needed extra moisture, now needs a calming refreshment to soothe and cool it.  When I first started with NYR Organic, I used the first items that came in my kit. But you know what stretched me? Using the Rose Facial Polish in the middle of all my Frankincense products! I started realizing that even though I could use just one line of products, adding in a product from a different line could have great benefits to my skin. Now that I’ve been able to sample more of the various lines, I’m discovering how to use different lines to add even more benefit for my skin. Don’t be afraid to try something new! Think about the needs of your skin and consider what you want your skincare to accomplish for you and go from there.

I’m learning to switch things up in other areas as well. The other day a friend shared a recipe for tuna salad. Now I LOVE tuna salad. But this one incorporated cucumber, red onion & avocado! GAME CHANGER! It was delicious! I’d never thought of adding those foods together, but I’ll definitely be making that again!


Now don’t get me wrong. Routines are wonderful. Without some sort of plan, my family of 7 plus all the animals on the Mack Pack Ranch would be an absolute disaster. But I think we can get in a rut and in that find ourselves less productive that we’d like to be. So, find something to mix up and give yourself a fresh perspective. Comment and share with us some of the ways you mix up your everyday routine.