Do you know the “Date Night Shuffle” all too well?

Me too!

Scrambling to get the kids settled, shoving info into the babysitters brain, the hurried exit out the door…yikes! As much as I love date night, it can be so stressful just getting to the car sometimes!

I’ve been searching for a new system to make things go a little bit more smoothly on date night. I recently found this, from The Dating Divas, and was so impressed!

The Divas have put together a fantastic resource to make kicking off date night a LOT easier. Just hand your babysitter a prepped and handy-dandy binder, and you are good to go!

The Divas have provided tons of great printables to make “the hand off” easy.

This awesome kit includes:

Contact and Emergency Information
House Rules and Guidelines
Mealtimes and Bedtimes
Allergy Alerts
Sleeping and Eating Schedules (Specifically for Baby)
Information about Each Child
Notes for the Babysitter

Isn’t this great? I am so impressed with it!