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This past month Jeremy & I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. How did we celebrate? By doing some work on the house. We spend several days hanging tongue & groove boards to the ceiling of our back porch! I know most people wouldn’t consider it a proper “Date Night” but I couldn’t imagine anywhere I’d rather be than working side by side making improvements and building our home together.


I’m not the most creative when it comes to planning date nights, so I’ve often turned to the Dating Divas for help. They have a wealth of resources to help make your date nights unforgettable!

Are you looking to take date night up a notch?

Well good…because I have hit the mother load of date ideas!

My gals at The Dating Divas have put their beautiful little heads together to create a CRAZY AMOUNT of date night ideas! And these are THE DATING DIVAS we are talking about here. Forget dinner and movie, people. They are all super creative suggestions, and I can’t get enough of it!

The book features exclusive printables and never-before-seen date nights, as well as the most popular ideas from their site!


So grab your spouse, give ’em a smooch, and make this upcoming date night the best yet!